Angela Snow

♥ i am a woman in process. i'm just trying like everybody else. i try to take every conflict, every experience, and learn from it. life is never dull ♥ i live my life from now on but only for me ♥ i control my own life and that means listening and processing the advice and direction others provide, taking it all under advisement, but ultimately making the decision based primarily on my own wants, needs, and personal feelings ♥ i am smart but have my weak and stupid moments ♥ i am unique but probably very much like you ♥ my heart is broken but it will eventually mend and find love again ♥ i am a tom boy but also girly at heart ♥ i smile but at the same time i cry ♥ i think too much but not enough ♥ i am selfish but at the same time i will give you everything ♥ i have given up but yet i continue to fight ♥ being a strong woman means embracing your femininity, flaunting it and never hiding it, yet at the same time taking control, taking action, getting things done and being yourself ♥ a strong woman has a plan, and follows through ♥ i am clumsy but steady ♥ i am careless and free ♥ i laugh and when i really laugh i snort ♥ i love to easily and fall too hard ♥ i love to sing and dance but only when no one else can see me ♥ i am scared but also ready to jump ♥ i am sad but then again my heart smiles ♥

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